1. For what age range do you offer your classes?
Aspiring Art offers classes for children 6 years of age and up. Adult classes are offered as well.

2. Do I need to bring any materials to the Children’s Holiday Art classes?
All materials and protective clothing are supplied.   Children are asked to bring a bottle of water and morning tea.  We do not provide food due to allergies.

3. How long is a class?
Please refer to our classes.

4. How big is a class?
Adults and children are very small classes.  Each class is 5 to max. 8 participants in size with two experienced Art Educators.   Aspiring Art believes small personalised classes helps nurture each student in a creative and relaxed environment.

5. What kind of material do you use?
All materials are of a high quality and pre cut for children.  Most materials are purchased in Australia and our unique finds are imported from the USA.

Aspiring Art loves to work with mixed media and play with colour to achieve different textures and tones in the same piece. Materials found in the mosaic pieces are: vitreous glass, glazed and unglazed ceramic,                         tiles and glass fusions, coloured and shaped mirror, millefiori, special glass decorations as well as coloured wire.

Adults are encouraged to create their own tiles and ceramic pieces.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for firing.

6. Is the material child safe
Yes! All materials are child friendly and pre cut for children.

7. Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes we do.  An Aspiring Art class is the perfect gift for someone special in your life. It’s a great gift for a special occasion such as a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday or Christmas.

9.  Does Aspiring Art conduct ‘Artist in Residency’ classes?
Yes!   We conduct various workshops for art schools/centres, non profit organisations and community centres.     Please contact Aspiring Art for further enquiries and workshop information.